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Mr. Jerry Goijers and Family (Netherland)

In juli en augustus 2008 zijn mijn vrouw en ik met onze dochter, haar man en de twee kleinkinderen naar Bali gegaan. Omdat dit de eerste reis voor de kinderen zou zijn, hebben we een programma opgesteld om bepaalde highlights van Bali te zien. Op Internet hebben we gezocht naar vervoersmogelijkheid voor 6 personen, een goede chauffeur, die verder redelijk goed Engels moest spreken met een behoorlijke kennis van de Balinese cultuur. Dat allemaal hebben we gevonden bij My Bali Tours, daar hebben we via Internet onze tripjes geboekt. Toen wij voor de eerste trip werden opgehaald door Putu BJ was dat een verassing. Putu, een keurige Balinees, beleeft en later gebleken ook iemand die van humor houdt. Een heel goede chauffeur. We kunnen zonder enig voorbehoud Putu BJ aanbevelen bij een ieder. Hij geeft je een meerwaarde aan je verblijf op Bali.

Hans and Heidi Haveman (Santa Cruz, CA - USA)

BJ of My Bali Tours made our trip to Bali! He is a wonderful guide and now friend. BJ is very Knowledgeable of Bali, its history & culture. Thanks to his perfect English, he is very informative and fun to be with. Traveling with our family, we appreciated BJ's safe driving and cautiousness. Being a father himself, he was great with our daughter and she adores him. Thanks to his surfing experience - he knows all the surf spots & shares his expertise. His service is completely through & reliable down to the last detail. We will call upon him every time we visit.  And will refer him to our closest family and friends with confidence that he will make their trip as enjoyable as he made ours!! Thanks so much BJ !

Nick, Richie, Woody, Cam (Perth, West Australia)

Putu BJ was fantastic. Myself and 3 friends used BJ for 8 days straight and were so stoked to have a driver and awesome guy to get us around. First time in Bali in the off season for all 4 of us so we were not too sure where would be best to find waves - thank god for BJ! Every morning (early -pagi pagi) he would be waiting for us to stumble into the transport (nice by the way), and would not fail to know where the waves would be good. BJ's English is really good, which makes it so much easier to see what you want to see and to learn a lot more about the culture and the way things work in Bali. I would thoroughly recommend anyone who needs a driver for their holiday to contact BJ and promise you will use him again next time! Cheers BJ!

Shinsuke Kobayashi (JAPAN)
Bj^_^ this travel had a really good time thanks ^_^
Albert & Zoe Ezra (SINGAPORE)

BJ is definitely a reliable and resourceful tour guide. He is very friendly and approachable. He has made my first trip in Bali an enjoyable and interesting one. It was really an eye opener for me as he explained and brought me around Bali. I strongly recommend his service to anyone who is looking for a tour in Bali (",)

Wendy Tuomela ((MAUI) HAWAII)

We had a most beautiful trip to Bali thanks to Putu. We had the full island style experience and really got to see the way Bali and the Balinese people live. Excellent choices on all of our destinations and the wildlife tour. Wendy Tuomela July 2008.

Anna & Shaun Hosking (Australia)
MyBaliToursWe recently arrived home after a fantastic week-long family holiday in Bali. One of the main reasons this short holiday is now so memorable is due to Putu BJ. After picking us up from the airport we were so pleased with not only his service as a driver but his kind likeable nature and great sense of humour. Putu was a great source of information on Bali's culture and history making our trip a more informed adventure. At times we would give him a very vague idea of what we wanted to do/buy and he would always exceed our expectations on delivering to us what we had in mind. Putu's unobtrusive manner was very refreshing and allowed us to build a rewarding friendship which we hope to add to in future trips to Bali. We found Putu BJ a very valuable travel companion and can't wait to go back to this beautiful part of the world, and we'll definitely be using Putu's services again.
Mark Connell (Australia)
MyBaliToursWe have used many drivers in Bali and hardly ever had a bad one but BJ is exceptionally good. Very good English, he seems to know every road and every place of interest. After he had spent a few days with us he opened up and told us of things to do and places to go that we could not have found. When in doubt, we would leave it to BJ. Allow BJ the time to get to know you and he will become more than a driver, for us he was a driver, then he became our guide and after a few weeks he became our friend. Getting to know BJ was one of the best things we did in Bali.
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