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Bel-Air Facial Treatment
60 minutes US$ 40

Traditional face treatment to refine the skin and reduce wrinkles using natural products, followed by stimulating five mini massages. At the end of this treatment your face skin will be look young, health and clean.
Cream bath 60 minutes US$ 35

Hair was and soft massage on the scalp by using hair cream to revitalize and protect the hair. Just before re-washing and drying, your hair will be steamed for about 10 minutes, followed by head, hand, neck and shoulder massage also hair tonic at the end of the treatment.
Warm Stone Massage
90 minutes US$ 60

Warm stones anointed with our earth blend of essential oils are placed on the charkas and massaged over the body to melt stress and tension. The heated stones promote a deep state of relaxation.
Manicure or Pedicure
60 minutes US$ 30

This nail treatment includes a Lavender aromatherapy hand soak, hand scrub, traditional nail care, cuticle stimulation, polishing and relaxing hand and arm. Massage to make your hand health and good performance.
Shirodara 60 minutes US$ 65

Shirodara is both health and beauty treatment all in one. It is effective in relieving insomnia, stiff neck, headache and facial lines by relaxing the muscles in the face. It could be described as a massage for the mind. After the treatment youíll feel a sense of inner calm which lasts for days. To start the treatment, warm organic cold press sesame oil is massaged over the feet, face and neck concentrating on the marma points in these areas. A flow of warm oil is directed over the third eye area of the forehead, the treatment concludes with a scalp massage while you sip a cup of Ayurvedic tea especially for balancing your individual Dosha Vata, Pitta or Kappa
Culture Program US$ 30
Photo session with wearing Balinese Traditional costume

Youíll get photos
6RX2, 4RX6, CD-ROM

Lavender Packages
90 minutes US$ 60

An exotic luxurious and unforgettable treatment with a combination of Aromatherapy massage followed by 30 minutes refresh facial.

Rosemary Packages
120 minutes US$ 75

Pamper yourself with traditional Balinese massage and then choose between BEL-AIR Facial Treatment, Cream Bath, or Body Scrub.

Yukari Packages
180 minutes US$ 105

A wonderful experience begins with a Thalasso Footbath, then a warm stone Massage followed by your choice of your traditional body scrubs, then continued with Aromatherapy flower bath and finished by 30 minutes refresh facial

There are six garden view villas with inside and outside shower. You can enjoy a treatment with your friend or family in a wonderful atmosphere pampers yourself in the perfect calmness.
180 minutes US$ 125

Enjoy the Thalassic Footbath and relax your body in Aromatherapy Massage or Traditional Balinese Massage, continued with your choice of four body scrub with; Aromatherapy flower bath and finished by 30 minutes Facial, with light meal and Tropical Fruit Juice
210 minutes US$ 145

This treatment starts with Thalassic footbath followed by Warm Stone Massage, continued with your choice one of four traditional body scrubs with Aromatherapy flower bath and 30 minutes Facial treatment. Complimentary; light meal and juice.

240 minutes US$ 165

Indulge yourself in our special BEL-AIR treatment stats with Thalasso footbath and relax your body in Aromatherapy Massage or traditional Balinese Massage then enjoy Shirodara massage followed by your choice one of four traditional body scrubs with Aromatherapy flower bath, then continued by 30 minutes facial.
Complimentary; light meals and tropical fruit juice
Traditional technique combines with excellent facilities. Itís sanctuary for your relaxation and beauty that is BEL-AIR
OPEN: 9:00 AM Ė 11:00 PM
Payment can be: Cash, VISA, Master, JCB or AMEX

Free Transport for
Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak area

Situated easy to access:
15 minutes from Kuta
10 minutes from Nusa Dua
5 minutes from Jimbaran

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