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Tanjung Benoa (Benoa Gulf) is located at the southern par of Bali Island, which have its unique attractions. Tanjung Benoa is known as the centre of marine tourism, e.g. Parasailing, Banana Boat, Jet Ski, Rolling Donut, Flying Fish, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Glass Bottom Boat + Visiting Turtle Island, etc. Tanjung Benoa has only small waves, so that it is very secure for family holiday.
Here are lists of water sports activities offered at Tanjung Benoa Beach:


Price/person Duration
US$ 20 One Round

Is a watersport activity, which requires you to wear a parachute and you will be pulled by a speed boat surrounding Tanjung Benoa beach, it seem as you play the real parachuting. You will spend about 20 minutes on the air, with 80 meters height of rope connecting the parachute and the speed boat. So isn’t it high enough for you?!

Banana Boat

Price/person Duration
US$ 20 15 minutes
* minimum 2 persons

Is a water activity using the rubber boat, you will pulled by a speed boat for about 15 minutes. The Banana Boat’s maximum capacity is only 4 people plus 1 instructor, as accompanier. There are no other words to say, but just get wet and have fun.

Flying Fish

Price/person Duration
US$ 30 15 minutes
* minimum 2 persons

Flying fish is the latest watersport activity in Bali. Its look like 3 banana boats will be tightening with rubber boat toward to the other banana boat. Stuff like a wing can be found on the right and left side of the boat. Flying fish is played by maximum 3 persons, i.e. 2 people on the right and left side and the other one is the instructor who will take the position at the centre. You may take the standing position just like riding the motorbike or sleeping with the wide-opened hands. Flying fish will be pulled by a speed boat with a high speed against the wind direction. So that, flying fish will be flown about 22 meters on the air, or it depends on the wind speed, it’s almost look like a kite. For those who are interested in pumping the adrenaline, it is the watersport activity you don’t want t missed.

Rolling Donut

Price/person Duration
US$ 20 15 minutes

Is a watersport activity using a rubber boat which is shaped and looks like a big ‘donut’, you will sit in the middle of the rubber. The ‘donut’ will pull by a speed boat around the beach and slows down the speed when it’s ready to rolling’. Another sport which is will pump your adrenaline. So try it!!



Price/person Duration
US$ 20 1 hour
* minimum 2 persons

It is a kind of swimming activity. But it is not just usual swimming, since you can enjoy the beauty of the bottom sea, such as fishes and corals, while you are swimming by wearing mask (goggle) and fin. Of course the main requirement needed is the ability to swim.

Jet Skiing

Price/person Duration
US$ 25 15 minutes

This sport using the water vehicle like a motorbike, but you will not allow to ride it by yourself, the instructor will come riding with you to ensure there not accident cause by the other watersport activities. You will ride the Jet Ski with the instructor sit behind.

Glass Bottom Boat & Turtle Island

Price/person Duration
US$ 30 2 hours
* minimum 2 persons

You will get on to a boat with clear glass at the bottom; maximum capacity of the boat is 8 people. This boat will take you for a ride around the shallow reef so you can see the life underwater with its beautiful coral and many varieties of colorful fishes, and you can feed the fishes to get them close to you, you may touch it. The boat will hang around above the reef about 20 minutes. And then the boat will continue the ride about 15 minutes to the ‘Turtle Island’, there you will see the rare species of turtle conservation. The local guide will explain to you their program while you can also pet the turtle.

Tour includes:
• International Standard Equipment
• Professional dive and watersports instructor
• Full insurance coverage
• International Safety procedure

What to Bring:
• Towel
• Wet suit or swim suit, shorts for men.
• Sunscreen
• Camera

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Note: Published price is the price you will pay at the location, without any reservation prior.

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