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MyBaliTours ! smart tips

for your Safety and convenience trip to Bali, here some MyBaliTours ! smart tips !

  1. Before your Departure, make sure you have all important Documents placed in safely folder with you.
  2. Only hold and take credit card which is issued by major international banking institutions.
  3. For more common currencies, bring American Dollars, Japanese Yen or Indonesian Rupiah.
  4. Donít bring Dollars with the year 1996, because its not receive able to change it in Bali.
  5. Keep small change with you, youíll never know how it will come in handy.
  6. Brings your sunscreen with you, donít let the heat burn you skin.
  7. On arrival, get your own trolley to take you luggage out.
  8. Visitor can get lost easily in Bali, so make sure you have a complete and comprehensive map of Bali. You may also ask the local for directions, Balinese are well-known about their hospitality.
  9. Respect Balinese customs, rituals and sensibilities. Please follow the local rules and prohibitions.
  10. Dress casually, but please remember to dress properly when you visiting a religious places. Also remember to choose the right shoes that will comfort you while youíre traveling.
  11. Bring a sufficient supply of prescriptions drugs. You may also purchase your medicine at local stores with ďAPOTIK or APOTEKĒ signs.
  12. Bring also any important items related to your medical history, your physician contact information and travel insurance.

Do !

  • Respect the local customs and traditions, especially when visiting temples.
  • Be very patient if your car trapped behind a slow pace of local processions.
  • Avoid stepping on the offerings on the streets, simply just walk around them.
  • Leave important documents and papers safety in your hotel room and always keep your eyes on your belongings.
  • Drink water as much as possible to avoid dehydrations.
  • Drink only boiled water, distilled or mineral water that you may purchase in local stores around you.
  • Confirm you flight at least 48 hours prior you your next flight.
  • Make your financial transaction only in bank or authorized money changer. Always remember to ask for a receipt after a transactions.
  • Do be careful with local pets or animal you find on the streets or peoples houses.
  • Always remember the number of the taxi you hire.

Donít !

  • Donít enter a temple during menstruation.
  • Donít wear improper clothing while visiting a sacred place.
  • Donít walked in front of people who are praying.
  • Please notice the red and yellow flags on the beach, Do not attempt to swim outside the designated areas.
  • Donít bring, buy or selling illegal stuffs such as drugs.
  • Donít rent vehicles without full insurance.
  • Donít drive crazy, watch out and be patient.
  • Donít use your cameraís flash light while taking pictures in front of the priest or people praying at the temple.
  • Donít stand or sit in a higher position than the offerings or the priest while visiting a temple.
  • Donít drink the water from the tab in your hotel room.
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