Bali Island or also known as the island of the Gods was one of the finest and the most beautiful destination in the worldwide. Bali recognized as one of the provinces of Republic of Indonesia, located between 8o3’40” - 8o3’50” south-latitude and 114025’53” – 115042’40” east-meridian. Bali had tropical climate with two seasons that change every six months; rainy season that went on from October to April, and summer from April to October), while its temperature is vary between 24,0oC – 30,8oC with humidity for average of 79% per annum. Bali Province was consisting of Bali Island and Nusa Penida Island, Nusa Lembongan Island, Nusa Ceningan Island, Serangan Island and Menjangan Island, its total width was up to 5,632,86 Km2. Bali had strategically located between Asia Continent and Australian Continent. Geographically, Bali Island had a range of mountains that spread from the west to the east with some highest mountains like Gunung Agung (3142 meters), Gunung Batur (1717 meters), Gunung Abang (2152 meters) dan Gunung Batukaru (2276 meters).Gunung Agung dan Gunung Batur were an active volcano, and had a beautiful panorama as well.


Bali had four famous lakes, viz.: Danau Batur 1607,5 Ha), Danau Beratan (375,6 Ha), Danau Buyan (336 Ha), dan Danau Tamblingan (110 Ha).
Rivers that flow mostly in the south of Bali Island have a strong currant, which is very challenging for rafting. They are; Sungai Unda, Sungai Petanu, Sungai Ayung, Sungai Pulukan, Sungai Loloan, etc.
Today, the total inhabitant in Bali was exceeding of 3.1 million peoples where the majority of them are Hinduism, while the rests was divided into Moslem, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, and other recognized religion.

Its variety of arts and handicrafts were inspired mostly from its fertile soil. The common forms of its arts and handicrafts mostly are Dewi Sri that represents a fertile goddess. Since Bali became a tourism destination, its painting and carving wasn’t used as a decoration of a shrine only. They became a commercial commodity that easily found in every art shops and galleries. Even on the way of your tour route, you may find places that produce such of valuable arts and handicrafts. Bali dance, gong or gamelan, and wayang kulit or the shadow puppets are heritage arts that show an historical and religious story of worship to greatness of god.

Balinese’s Traditional Architectures were not only featuring a monumental aspect, they had philosophical aspects as well. Philosophical aspects of Balinese’s Architecture are very elaborate, not only aspects of concept, elements, and physical structure, but also philosophical aspects that more transcendental. For example that the Tri Hita Karana with its all guidance aspects.

Cosmogony is a philosophy that had recognized for its wide macrocosmic and microcosmic definitions. The macrocosmic and all its monumental and physical forms, through a religious and spiritual ceremonial process, basically have a purpose to create a harmony and balance to human life as the microcosmic that stay and live in.

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